White Slipcovers ~ A Room Tour

Earlier this summer our new custom slipcovers from LS Slipcover of Houston were installed and lemme tell ya, these two sofas have made me a happy girl. And if I'm happy, then everyone's happy, right momma's? 

It's exactly what I've envisioned since moving into this house. So light and fresh.

But it wasn't always this way.  Let me introduce you to what's lurking under those fabulous new white slips.  15 year old sofa's from Storehouse.  Built like Mack trucks and just as dirty and road weary. They're my decorators dirty little secret.  But when Laura saw them, she knew they could be renewed and were worth saving. And I trusted her, and she was right!

The fabric we chose is a white brushed cotton twill that has the feel of an old soft sheet, but has plenty of body so that it's not a rumpled mess. For the style of my slips Laura recommended a waterfall skirt and double top stitch edging which suited the furniture and my own personal fresh cottage style without the fussiness. This fabric was also thick enough to hide the pattern and color of the original upholstery without the need for an under slip. 

The sofa's back cushions were attached and Laura cut them free and recovered them as separate cushions.  I had the seat cushions plumped up by adding a down wrap to the foam cushion insert. They're firm with the perfect amount of "ahhh" when you sit on them. 

And details, let's not forget it's all in the details. Since the backs of my sofa's are visible we added these beautiful mother of pearl buttons.  

It's been a while since I photographed this room, so I've pulled together a little room tour to share with you while it's all clean and pretty. 

If you'd like to read more about how the process of working with Laura went on this project read here.  Or, you can visit LS Slipcovers and Bedding for more complete details. 

I recently styled and photographed some of the beautiful work Laura and her team create and will share that with you soon.  

Thank you Laura and especially Jeanie for all your hard work. 

White Slipcovers

An overdue update is happening here.  White slipcovers for my 15 year old sofa's.

My friend,


, recently introduced me to Laura Siebert, owner of

LS Slipcovers

here in Houston. 

After we chatted by phone and text, Laura sent me fabric samples to choose from and we scheduled an in house consultation to discuss the condition of my furniture and the style of slips for my pieces. 

From there, we set up a date for Laura to come cut and pin the slips.  What an exciting day that was last week! That big beautiful pile of white fabric is going to change my life.

Laura, doing her thing. Talented and cute cute cute :)

My sofa's are originally from Storehouse and are well built but have endured 15 years of hard use with first, twin babies and now teenage boys, a dog, and many many movie nights with good food in our laps.  It's no museum here...we live a full, fun life and furniture gets dirty...that's just how it is. But now, I can bleach and wash the slips and it will feel and look clean and new and fresh.

There are exceptions, however in most cases, Laura can do the cutting and pinning in house. She then takes the slip covers to the design house to be sewn and returns to fit them.  Your furniture conveniently stays in your house while they're being sewn. 

Laura's work from pinning to finished product is beautiful. Her


shares all the details of how appointments are handled.

The fabric is a fresh white cotton twill that has the feel of an old soft sheet.  Not stiff at all.  The slipcover will have a waterfall skirt and double top stitch edging.  Simple, modern and unfussy. The sofas had attached back cushions which Laura cut and will recover as separate cushions along with adding feathers to the seat cushions.

I'll be sharing "after' photos when the slips arrive in a couple of weeks. The house will be all set for summer. 

A Bead Board Stairwell Update

One of the projects on our to-do list for the summer was to update the stairs in the new house with bead board and a gallery wall. The space was untouched when we moved in and we lived with it for a couple of years, but in my mind, I could picture fresh paint and bead board just like downstairs.


We added bead board below the new black hand rail and painted the walls the same color as downstairs.  There's tons of wall space so I've started a gallery wall using all white frames, with some of my favorite beach images.  If you've got a smart phone full of great pictures, start printing them out!  The 16x20 images were shot with my iphone while at the beach this summer and I love how they look framed up nice and big on the wall.
I usually wing it when hanging gallery walls, however, I wanted to do this one time and do it right so I used the fool proof method of laying the frames out on a roll of craft paper, traced around the frames and cut out the shapes.

The next step was to hang the shapes on the wall with painters tape. This allows you to get the layout you want without all the "oops' nail holes in the wall. 

Then I measured where the hanger was on the back of the frame and made a mark on the craft paper.  That's where I hammered in the nail, then pulled the paper away and hung the frames. It was perfecto. 

As beach lovers, I decided to use my favorite images of our summers spent in Seaside, Florida.  The boys are so little in some of these and I love seeing them on my way upstairs to pick up dirty socks. 
I mixed color images with black and white since they all have the same vibe, and it works.


There's quite a bit of wall space up the stairs and my plan is to totally cover the walls. We're off to a pretty good start.


Black, white and warm wood.  The lack of bold color brings every interesting detail into focus. This color palette feels timeless and fresh with a light suggestion of spring.  I'm impressed by the chalkboard art below. What a work of art.
Chicago Mag - living rooms - eclectic, art gallery, white, slipcover, sofa, black, white, pillows, black, white, cowhide, rug, industrial, coffee table,
Love this idea for a studio or desk top.  Little touches like this are so easy to put together and make for a happy work space.