January Inspired Me

I am endlessly inspired by paper. Like a textile designer spreads out yards of material, I love to
have vintage paper strewn around my office floor and walls. Sometimes temporarily, sometimes permanently, always enjoyed.

We talk a lot about how busy we are. However, the first few days of January were quiet, cold and provided the opportunity to play with some of the lovely gifts that were given to me from the people that know me best and to make a little art for myself. 

This is what January felt like for me:

Tiny Treasures

 Garage sale season has begun here in the suburbs. I'm still purging my own excess from the move, so I don't need to bring much more  in. However, a couple of tiny treasures found their way here.  This sweet little oval oil painting of a Dutch windmill set me back 25cents.  Speaking of deals, see that potted orchid down there?  I've had it since January and it's still ticking...is this normal?

Anagrams game. Love the black and white letter tiles.

I think these are French prayer books. Pretty dusky purple covers.

I love handmade business cards. So I got my hands out and made some with tags I picked up at the thrift store and some scrapbook tape from Hobby in the Lobby (that's what we call it)

I also used a couple of pages from one of my favorite things which is this note pad from Sugarboo Designs. At the bottom of each page is a lovely quote which is perforated so you can tear it off and share it or use it in your own creative way.  I recently had dinner with a friend I don't get to see often enough and I think I will leave this laboratory vial with the quote and a feather inside in her mailbox for her.

"As I love nature, as I love singing birds and flowing rivers, and morning and evening and summer, I love thee, my friend."

Worth Getting Lost For

Two stores have been on my radar to check out, so  today I set aside the long to do list and struck out for some much needed thrift store goodness.  Because I just packed up my storage closet which was full of  similar items, I didn't buy a single thing but took lots of pictures, so get comfy.
If you love to make mixed media art like this:


Then grab your GPS (you're gonna need it!)  and head to Texas Art Asylum on Houston Avenue for supplies and inspiration.  A small warehouse in the shadow of downtown Houston, Texas Art Asylum is part warehouse/thrift store/antique shop/jewelry store.

Looks like your typical thrift store....look closer.....there's some good stuff.

I loved these water faucet knobs. They would make great drawer pulls.

My favorite. 

The other stop was Texas Junk Company located at 215 Welch in Houston,  which I have read about and blogged about, but have never been before today. Another fun place to dig around.

I thought this quiet corner of the shop was unintentionally beautiful.  

The store is well organized and full of surprises (box of giant animal bones, anyone?).  Let me know if you go, I would love to hear what you think!

Dream Children

After a hectic Spring Break week that included my boys birthdays and a weekend trip to visit family, today was all mine. The kitchen table was covered with all the little bits and pieces I've been collecting to make some new mixed media pieces just for me.

My best friend recently completed a project that used tiny sepia toned prints which she generously shared with me.   Tiny prints, tiny boxes, tiny books...it all came together in warm layers of sepia images, worn books,  vintage ephemera and one guitar string.

The little boxes originally held watch parts.