Fifty Shades of Blush and Bashful

It's true that you never forget your first love. 

When it came to boys, I was lucky enough to marry my first true love and we're living happily ever after. I'm a lucky girl.

But when it comes to color, and pink dated a very long time then broke up. I felt like I was the one that gave and gave and gave. Sacrificing my dignity for those pink laminate counter tops in our first home 25 years ago.

The custom floral chintz bedding with cabbage roses the size of my head. The mauve dust ruffle. I hear the kids are calling it 'Marsala' these days. Ha!...rookies.

The soft pink teflon skillet that cooked the perfect scrambled eggs on the weekends. Oh yes...I know that was all my idea, but pink, you quickly turned ugly and cold. I know I held on too long, but I needed you. I was young and didn't know better. You were everything to me. 

When the babies came I just couldn't handle your fiery heat any longer and we said goodbye.  I thought that would finally be the end of us.

But recently, on a cold gray winter day somewhere in a deep dark dusty rose corner of my heart, old feelings began to stir. It was an urge that led me to the dim and dingy corners of cheap thrift stores to fill bag after bag with books in every shade of blush and bashful I could find, just to get a little taste of you. I lied to the cashiers, telling them all those pink books were for a school project. Oh, the thrill of hiding you in the back of my car....I haven't felt this alive in years! 

I justified going back to you with thoughts like "It's just this one room. Just for a little while. It won't hurt anyone, especially if I add some brass and new pillows. I deserve it."

"I want my color senses to feel alive in the way only you can make it happen, pink!"

And now we're back together. It feels so right, pink. You're my hot and steamy little Valentine to myself. My foolish color folly. 

Now, shut up and kiss me!

My Office Before & After

It feels so good to have one room in the new house completely  DONE! Feels even better that it's "my" room. I've shared some before shots, some during shots and now I can show you the entire finished room. My office gets a lot of use so I wanted it to be functional and pretty. 

When we bought the house it looked like this.  Lots of oak. Lots of brown. Lots of Blah.

Now it looks like this:

aaaaah....that's better!

Never underestimate the power of paint. Benjamin Moore Gray Owl on the walls, Snowfall White on the cabinets, Black on the doors. White Liatorp cabinets and Ektorp chairs from Ikea. Craigslist desk and chair.

This room is used as an office, music room, art studio and daily command central. I've filled it with shelves full of personal collections and quirky objects I enjoy being surrounded by. There are lots of images so enjoy the tour!

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Going Up! Ladders

While sourcing some images for a client's office redo, I've seen some beautiful images of built ins with library ladders. Adding height to your cabinetry lets you store more stuff and gives you a reason to have a ladder in your library:


Southern Accents

Bookshelves with Ladders Diane von Furstenberg
Diane Von Furstenburg