"F" is for F R E E

 A nearby neighborhood was getting their subdivision signs updated and I was lucky enough to be driving by while they were demo-ing the old signs.  I saw a big pile of letters thrown to the side so I whipped my car around and pulled up to the construction site and asked the only man working there if I could have them. Before you knew it he was loading them up for me!

 They're plaster, heavy, dirty and have weird bolts coming out the back of them that need to be cut off. I think they look good piled up around the house for now.


Garbage day +  parking lot + thrift store =  New goodies in my house!
I had a lucky streak over the last week and scored some fun goodies...most free.
First I spied these old glasses in the parking lot at Target. They were absolutely crushed and embedded in the asphalt..so I pryed them up. These will be interesting in a frame:

On a recent walk, I saw that someone had thrown away an old piano stool, with one leg broken and missing.  I knew it had parts to salvage so I drove over and picked it up, grabbed a screwdriver and tore it apart.

Here's what's left:

Do you use string a lot at your house?  Seems we do so I like to keep a big spool of string on my desk.  

It fits perfectly on top of the metal piece used to raise and lower the seat of the stool and has an interesting industrial look. 

The seat of the stool makes a beautiful base for this HUGE glass dome I found at the thrift store yesterday.  Hard to see in the photograph, but this thing is gigantic.

I haven't repurposed the three remaining ball and claw feet yet.  I'm enjoying how they catch the light in my office.  Any ideas??? What could I do with them?