Memories of Summer ~ Palette Knife Art

Did you spend the weekend saying a proper farewell to summer?  Our vacation to Seaside, Florida, was one of the highlights for us. It's hard to capture the emotion and light of the water, sand and sky reflecting off one another, but it's a view I carry in my heart and use as inspiration for little painted love letters to the ocean.

Over the years, I've started a personal collection of palette knife paintings inspired by the beaches of Florida, The Outer Banks and California. This 5x7 board is the most recent addition.

 I don't take this too seriously,and have never had lessons, but I do enjoy it. Most times I just use paint I have on hand, including house paint, "oops" paint or craft paint.  I love the texture and layers of palette knife painting, so that's my signature style :)

Paintings resting on the ledge were painted by me. The lily pad painting is vintage.
I've even recycled old book covers to use as a canvas if I don't have one in my craft closet:

The thrift store is a great place to find large size canvases at a much lower price than the art store. For just a few dollars this 36" canvas provides lots of summer color. 

Detail of the above painting

While our weather won't be cooling down for another month or so, our schedules have made the shift to fall school activities. Summer was sad to see it go.


The Boardwalk at Santa Cruz, California

Honestly, this is a hard week for my family.  This weekend marks two years since we lost our sweet Rachel, my sister's 19 year old daughter, in a car accident.  Sometimes, we all just want to leave town to get our minds off of how hard it is. To be distracted and let the day pass.

I'm a "let me get my purse" kind of girl.  You want to go somewhere?  I'm in. 

Last summer we went to California for our family vacation.  I gave the boys an old digital camera of mine to shoot with. Just today (over a year later)  I went through the entire file of images and was floored over the things I saw.  The things that they saw at 10 years old.  I love them for paying attention, for noticing. For seeing the beautiful place we were in.

Thank You R-Man for these great vacation memories.