Lady Things

I've spent a couple of days behind the camera this week shooting and styling for a special client. If it's appropriate for the shoot, I sometimes use sentimental items as props. This  image is full of them. Aunt Louise's sparkly clutch. Granny Wilson's glasses and my sweet Rachel's pearl bracelet.  What a bunch of girly girls they were. 

This shoot had me wishing for a dressing room all my own.  Don't you love being a girl?

Spring Fling

What a winter it's been for so many. Even Texans are missing the sun and are ready for the freshness that spring brings inside and out. 

I always like a little shifting around of art, pillows and table top goodies when the seasons change, so here's some inspiration I spotted on this gray rainy Sunday. 












The wire shelves may be what helps organize my small laundry room for the upcoming pool season.

And the owl in the top hat? So stinking cute.  

I picked up the galvanized shelf from Target and am using it in my kitchen for now. It's got so many could be it's own blog post.

Will you be making changes for spring? What's on your list?

Welcome to The Shop!

My dear friend,  Holly,  of Holly Mathis Interiors is on fire!  She's got a beautiful new website, was recently featured in Good Housekeeping and today...her brand new online store is open!

The shop is the perfect reflection of Holly's signature fresh cottage style, offering some of her favorite and most requested design elements like beautiful fabrics, blue & white porcelain, botanical prints and her treasured silhouette's.  Her site is easy to navigate and so pretty!!!
Ya'll stop by today and pick out some goodies for yourself!  Congratulations Holly!!!

Table Talk

A small size table or chest can be a work horse in your home. It's an opportunity to be quirky, creative, hold a small collection or one over sized accessory that makes a statement.. Of course, it could always be of use in some practical way, but how boring is that! And a couple of quick changes give a completely new look.  They're affordable, easy to find and everyone's home has room for one.  Here are some from my Pinterest boards:

Love this last one!  I spotted some accessories  from Urban Outfitters that will help you get started on this look:

And this great shop on Etsy is always being updated with one of a kind vintage finds and collections:

Here are some beautiful vintage apothecary jars. The real deal. A quick search on Etsy shows these at prices for all budgets. I've picked up similar bottles at thrift stores:

What a great way to bring in some fresh summer style!

Spring Fever

Spring cleaning, Spring planting, Spring fever are all making an appearance at our house these days. As far as the weather goes, I've had my fill of gray days this past month.  The return of the doves and their perpetual cooing is the official sign that Spring has begun here in Houston.
Spring and Summer are the seasons I really love to lighten things up inside. Fresh flowers, a clean office, some luminous glass and a road trip on the horizon make up for the dirty windows, overflowing laundry baskets and weed-filled flower beds :)  

Though some of them, I'm certain, must
Stand for rage, bravado, lust,
All other notes that birds employ
Sound like synonyms for joy.
W.H. Auden 


Happy Valentine's Day!  I saw these sweet pillows at World Market yesterday:

Picked up some sweets for my sweets

And treated myself to some beautiful flowers for us to all enjoy in the house:

Tomorrow I'll show you the tablecloth.  It's yummy!

The Basics

During consultations with new clients, the conversation always rolls around to budget. Sadly, we sometimes see decorating on a tight budget as very limiting . I've talked to so many women who feel depressed and overwhelmed because they don't believe they can have a beautiful home and not go into debt to get it. I don't buy it. Here's a small example:
I took home the hand towels and the oil decanter.
While I was at Target today, I did some undercover styling with a handful of clearance items to make a point. With the exception of the art in the background, the total for everything you see is less than $25.00, all found in housewares on clearance. If you keep an eye out for basic pretty white dishes, it's so easy to make some quick changes and add color to freshen up your look. Think of all the different ways you could put pieces like this to work for you. The two-tiered piece was only $7.48 and could be used for appetizers and desserts or as a pretty jewelry display. The big platter was $6.98. The oil decanter was $3.48 and the hand towels were $2.54. each. 
We easily spend $5-$8 dollars on Valentine cards that end up in the trash.  Deals like this will stick around much longer.

Here There and Everywhere

January is usually a quiet month. However, this year has started off with a bang for me with clients and exciting opportunities that have me doing more than the usual amount of shopping. Here are a few things that caught my eye while out and about:

These 26x26 inch Ursula cushion covers are from Ikea. Made of ramie, they have the look and feel of raw linen. How about that cute accent stripe and tie closures? These are a steal at $13.00 each, and could easily be monogrammed to add detail.

West Elm was getting their Spring on with these pretty accessories:

Ceramic garden stools were a nice price at HomeGoods. How fun is that giant ceramic roller skate hiding in the back there?

And finally, this pretty French style table from a garage sale is my weekend project:

It's a really nice reproduction that I want to lighten up a bit.  So, I drank the kool-aid and tracked down the nearest Annie Sloan Chalk Paint stockist in my area. I want to see if this paint lives up to it's reputation of being fast, easy to use and durable.  Wish me luck!

Handmade Christmas Inspiration Part 1

Halloween is over and you know what that means....*blink* and Christmas is here!
I did a little pre-Christmas window shopping this week and saw so many pretty handmade decorations offered by some of my favorite retailers,  West Elm , Paper Source, and one of my favorites,  Anthropologie had these cuties that are great for the kitchen: 

Love this pretty tree out of recycled vintage papers:

And this recycled paper bead garland, unique and interesting:

Anthro always offers interesting accessories, however, it can add up quick.  My next stop was the Goodwill Thrift Store down the street, where these goodies were waiting for me:

by Curious Details

A little glue, a little time and a few extra bucks in my pocket. Let the crafting begin!

Map Chest

I love furniture pieces that look like they could tell a good story.

I fell hard for this reproduction map chest to use for our new media cabinet.  At almost 7 feel long, it holds lots of electronics that are necessary, but not cute. So it's all hidden away down below. When the BS meter is at it's highest, we tell friends it's a sea captains map chest..why not?  It looks like this cabinet could tell a good fish tale to me.

It's actually an import from a local furniture store and it suits my style and the new house perfectly. I was drawn to the industrial farmhouse look it has. We made the move from a big box tv to a small flat screen that wouldn't demand too much attention in the room and this chest is the perfect anchor piece as a media cabinet.

There are only actually 3 drawers, the rest are false fronts for doors that open for storage. 

The new place is certainly taking on a charming personality as we continue to unpack and wade through the never ending stacks of boxes.  We are loving it!  

Here are some closer looks at....the details:

My favorite new lamp. goodwill  $3.99

Pottery Barn...I'm Just Not That Into You.

Maybe it's not you, Pottery Barn, it's me. You deserve better.  Is it because you're in the suburbs that you think every last piece of furniture in your lobby needs to be draped with 10cent fake flowers?  It's as if we went back 15 years in decorating time and you care more about barfing up the same Halloween crap than inspiring us enough to actually spend our little bit of extra money with you. And I can't wait to see the reindeer plates again at Christmas.  So, Pottery Barn, I'm breaking up with you. And I'm one of the few that held on until the last minute, believing you would get yourself together and be a quick stop for me and clients to pop in and pick up a few special things.

I will be dating your cousin, though.  West Elm is hot!
Turned-Leg Dhurrie Ottoman

This Dhurrie Ottoman has "shapely legs and unlimited potential".

This Carved Wood Coffee Table is "rare, exotic and unusual".

Carved Wood Coffee Table

These Dip Dyed Throws look cuddley and soft.  And the ombre feels a little hip and edgy.

Dip Dye Throw

And Sun Print Dessert Plates.  You know I love a unique artsy fartsy vibe.

Nature Sun Print Dessert Plates

And Adjustable Floating Frames to hold our love letters.

Metal Easel Adjustable Floating Frames

Opal Glass vase collection..."luminous and striking"  it glows in the pretty.
Clear + Opal Glass Vase Collection

For my peeps in the hood, West Elm is worth the drive and their transitional  style will mix in easily with your existing decor and freshen things up a bit.

Here's to a long loving relationship!