Souvenir Magazine Summer Issue 2013

The summer issue of Souvenir Magazine is now available.  Here's the beautiful cover:

I'm especially excited to have contributed a story in this issue featuring the work space and home of my dear lifelong friend and fine art photographer, Lori Vrba, who lives in Chapel Hill, NC.  
Lori recently completed a major remodel of her kitchen and laundry room. I know you'll want to see  more of this beautiful project that Lori collaborated on with local designer Nata Bozymsky and custom furniture and cabinet maker Mike Dulude, along with her unique and creative approach to her own personal style.  

Click here to purchase a digital copy which you can enjoy on your computer or ipad all ad free! For now, Souvenir is not available in stores, but you can order a print copy which you will treasure as they are of beautiful quality.

Spring Inspiration & Souvenir

Some sneak peeks of the spring issue of Souvenir are floating around. Have you seen them? 

 Just seeing these peeks from some of the incredibly talented Souvenir contributors has me in the mood for Spring and wanting to lighten things up around the house.  I took pages from some thrift store butterfly books and used them as quick instant art for spring. No frame, no fuss. Just pretty and easy for a hallway or corner.

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Raid Your Pantry

I love sweet simple Christmas touches in the kitchen. For the holiday issue of Souvenir I put together these recycled jars and repurposed them into waterless snowglobes.

Red and white sprinkles and kosher salt were used as the "snow", along with craft store miniature trees and bells.

This is a fast and fun craft that has endless possibilities and would be fun to do with your kids.

This is my personal favorite made with a child's fork and miniature wreath.  To see more of this feature and many more,  click here to see a free preview and purchase the full holiday issue of Souvenir . Merry Christmas!

Souvenir Magazine Holiday Issue 2012 Sneak Peek

Look what's coming! Another beautiful issue of Souvenir Magazine which will be available Monday, November 12th. It's full of beautiful Holiday ideas, recipes and decor.

 Souvenir is a digital magazine. That means once you purchase it, it's viewed on your computer or ipad, which I love because it's so easy to zoom in to see every beautiful detail. It's also available for print.
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Round Top Antique Week Fall Shows 2012

Who's going?    Who's never been?   Who has it on their bucket list?  Who wants more information about what it is and how to best navigate the miles of tents, barns and pastures that make up this wonderful bi-annual event that makes up Round Top/Warrenton/Margurger Farm and the many other shows that are Antique Week?

I get asked about Round Top all the time and even though I've gone to the shows for years, it's almost impossible to describe how big it is and how it works.Wanna know how big it is? Well, I always say it's three weeks big.

 It would be nearly impossible to see it all. New shows and venues are being added every show and it's grown exponentially since it began. Here's the biggest insider secret I can share with's happening right now. No matter what any schedule you are looking at says, if you get in your car right now and head that way you will get to do some shopping. If there's a specific show you like, check the schedules (info below) and plan your trip for that day.

These images are from my trip to Antique Week earlier this year for the spring shows:

GardenAntqs. Now at Marburger Farm

The Show Daily is the shoppers and dealers Bible during Antique Week and can help you plan your trip.

And, don't forget that the latest issue of Souvenir Magazine has an article written by yours truly, with more information and links than you can shake a sausage on a stick at. So you should read that, too, before you go :)