Memories of Summer ~ Palette Knife Art

Did you spend the weekend saying a proper farewell to summer?  Our vacation to Seaside, Florida, was one of the highlights for us. It's hard to capture the emotion and light of the water, sand and sky reflecting off one another, but it's a view I carry in my heart and use as inspiration for little painted love letters to the ocean.

Over the years, I've started a personal collection of palette knife paintings inspired by the beaches of Florida, The Outer Banks and California. This 5x7 board is the most recent addition.

 I don't take this too seriously,and have never had lessons, but I do enjoy it. Most times I just use paint I have on hand, including house paint, "oops" paint or craft paint.  I love the texture and layers of palette knife painting, so that's my signature style :)

Paintings resting on the ledge were painted by me. The lily pad painting is vintage.
I've even recycled old book covers to use as a canvas if I don't have one in my craft closet:

The thrift store is a great place to find large size canvases at a much lower price than the art store. For just a few dollars this 36" canvas provides lots of summer color. 

Detail of the above painting

While our weather won't be cooling down for another month or so, our schedules have made the shift to fall school activities. Summer was sad to see it go.

More Seaside Florida ~ Outdoor Showers

Hope you're not tired of charming cottage pictures because I have more to share from our Seaside, Florida, vacation!  Because I tend to consume my weight in potato chips while we're at the beach, I try to balance that out with some walking. Of course I had my phone for covert sniper shooting, so I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite porches and outdoor showers spied on my morning walks.'s this cute everywhere in Seaside. 

Instead of the town streets, I took to the sandy footpaths that connect the cottages. That's where the good stuff is!

Bright colors, screened porches, and picket fences. Notice that each cottage's pickets are unique to that cottage.

I absolutely love an outdoor shower. My goal was to not shower inside the entire week (TMI ?) and with the exception of one shower I achieved my goal. Here are some of the outdoor showers I spied on my walk. They're as unique as the cottages. Some are out in the open and some are contained in adorable little bath houses. I prefer some privacy, but anything is better than sandy kids in the house bath.

Saved the best for last...are you dying?  Beach, pool, shower....bliss.

Shopping in Seaside Florida

We just returned from a wonderful week's vacation in one of our favorite places, Seaside, Florida. If you're looking for an idyllic beach vacation, this is the place. Although it's grown over the last decade, the charm of this little village is always inspiring. It felt like I had it all to myself one morning when I set out for a long walk after a rain storm had cooled things down for a bit.

A quick visit to The Seaside Chapel and it's lovely architecture, then through Quincy Circle.

The perfect seaside style of Pizits Home & Cottage. Love the slipcovers and coastal art here.

Another sidewalk gallery.

Curiosities and necessities at The Art of Simple.

This anchor silhouette woven rug would be an easy DIY with lots of options.

The shops and galleries in Seaside have inspired me for years.  Before the boys were born I visited a garden shop in the neighboring village of Seagrove called Pickets. The cement floor of the shop was painted in a diamond pattern. This was before we were all plugged into Pinterest and Facebook and I hadn't seen a floor painted like that before. I fell in love with that floor and went home and ripped up the carpet in our guest room, painted the cement floor with porch paint and turned the room into a crafting studio. About ten minutes later I got pregnant with twins. The carpet went back down and the room was changed back to a guest room because when you have twins, you need guests to come hold babies for you! 
They now love Seaside as much as my husband and I do and our family has made many years of great memories there.