New Discoveries

Before we dive headfirst into the holiday season, I'm going to take it a day at a time and try really hard to be present to the day at hand.  I want to enjoy the shifting light of autumn, the cooler temps, try a new recipe and cozy up the house with a few layers and textures of the season. For me, keeping it simple is the key to enjoying the holidays. 

Mantel peeping.  Mine for fall.

I've seen some beautiful finds online recently so I thought it would be fun to share them.

This coastal 


by Brooklyn designer Emily Fisher uses satellite imagery and nautical maps with a combination of traditional quilting and appliqué. So unique!

These copper metallic trays from

Layla Grace

would be beautiful to anchor a Thanksgiving table or buffet.



, these bedrolls are a cross between a mattress and a pouf. These would be perfect for movie night or sleepovers and would be a huge improvement from the blow up mattress. I love the heather and charcoal fabric.

And to support your Instagram habit, check out the beautiful feed of interior stylist and decorator  

Marie Olsson Nylander

  I love her style; fingers crossed that one day she'll write a book. 

And finally, this

Indoor S'mores

recipe is perfect for my grandmothers iron skillet. I've added this recipe along with a few more yummy iron skillet recipes to my


board that I would like to try this fall. 

Cheers to a great week ahead!

A Little Bit of Fall Is All

I see from some my favorite blogs, Pinterest and Instagram that apparently it's Fall???

Poor southeast Texas.  We miss out on all the fall fun when it comes to seasons. We're about to roll over to November and the kids are still wearing shorts to school and it's been 90 degrees over the last week.  I've yet to make soup, wear a scarf or eat pumpkin anything. We can't even fake it. 

It just feels wrong to not do anything in terms of making some changes in the house to acknowledge that somewhere, people are picking apples, making biggo leaf piles to jump into and bundling up to go to the Friday night football games.

My favorite unframed botanicals are my favorite mobile art collection.  I took them off the mantel and now they're repping fall in the dining room for me. And i like it!

They really deserve to be properly framed, but then I wouldn't get to use my fun washi tape to hang them all over the house on a whim.  

In my world, coral is a fall styling element.  Nod your head if you agree.  Thank you :) 

Some fresh eucalyptus and pretty blue/gray pumpkins. I do love the colors.

Botanicals and ironstone.  Two of my favorite collections that really work for me in any season. This was more about putting together colors and textures that suggest fall for my cottage style and I am really enjoying it. With the candles lit and the a/c cranked down it even feels a little like fall in here :)

Curious Fall

Ever so slowly, fall makes its way to Texas.  While I've seen pumpkins and mums in stores and on my favorite blogs for a while now, I can't embrace the decorating until the temps drop at least a little. I think my favorite thing is the subtle shift in the light and how it changes in the rooms in the front of our home.

I favor natural elements and colors, warm wood and textures. Here are a few changes in our dining room for fall:

Seasonal Shift

That's what I'm calling it.  Southeast Texas doesn't experience your typical Fall, although I do feel obligated to buy white pumpkins and mums.  At most, we get 2.5 seasons and anything beyond that is gravy (with a buttermilk biscuit).
What works for me is a weekend of shifting the seasonal layers of my summer accessories, which are my personal favorites to live with.
Bringing in texture, warmer colors, switching out a few pieces of art and photographs. It doesn't have to be much to cozy things up...just enough to reflect the natural order of the way our lives shift with the seasons, regardless of the temperature. Although, a pair of perfectly worn leather chairs would be a nice addition. These images from my Pinterest boards are my current inspiration:

White with natural brown

This is not a boring room.

Brown and white ironstone for fall
Stacked, layered and lived with

Light it up

Feelin' it