A Little Bit of Fall Is All

I see from some my favorite blogs, Pinterest and Instagram that apparently it's Fall???

Poor southeast Texas.  We miss out on all the fall fun when it comes to seasons. We're about to roll over to November and the kids are still wearing shorts to school and it's been 90 degrees over the last week.  I've yet to make soup, wear a scarf or eat pumpkin anything. We can't even fake it. 

It just feels wrong to not do anything in terms of making some changes in the house to acknowledge that somewhere, people are picking apples, making biggo leaf piles to jump into and bundling up to go to the Friday night football games.

My favorite unframed botanicals are my favorite mobile art collection.  I took them off the mantel and now they're repping fall in the dining room for me. And i like it!

They really deserve to be properly framed, but then I wouldn't get to use my fun washi tape to hang them all over the house on a whim.  

In my world, coral is a fall styling element.  Nod your head if you agree.  Thank you :) 

Some fresh eucalyptus and pretty blue/gray pumpkins. I do love the colors.

Botanicals and ironstone.  Two of my favorite collections that really work for me in any season. This was more about putting together colors and textures that suggest fall for my cottage style and I am really enjoying it. With the candles lit and the a/c cranked down it even feels a little like fall in here :)

Pretty as a Picture

Sometimes all it takes is one special piece to make a room sing for Christmas.  For my dining room, this large scale folk painting is hitting all the right notes this season.

I don't know much about the painting, but it appears to be mid century by an artist whose last name is Reynolds. I love the atmosphere and soft colors of the piece.

Once the painting was in place, I added cedar on the chandelier, a few branches and flowers, and antique German ornaments in an ironstone bowl.  So simple and fresh. Ironstone gets me through every season and occasion so I keep a nice supply on hand.

A chalk pen is great for drawing on mirrors as well as chalkboards.  

Merry Details

I usually have a

chalkboard and botanicals

on this big wall, but I'm really enjoying how much joy and life this painting brings to the room. I know it's unrealistic and crazy making to think we have to change every surface in our homes for the holidays.  We don't! But don't overlook a simple change to get a big effect..then all the little things fall into place easily. 

Curious Fall

Ever so slowly, fall makes its way to Texas.  While I've seen pumpkins and mums in stores and on my favorite blogs for a while now, I can't embrace the decorating until the temps drop at least a little. I think my favorite thing is the subtle shift in the light and how it changes in the rooms in the front of our home.

I favor natural elements and colors, warm wood and textures. Here are a few changes in our dining room for fall:

The Merriest

Simple Christmas. That was my goal. And in some ways I've achieved it.  It was hot here in Houston when we pulled the decorations out and that just doesn't inspire me to get going. So I lived with the boxes for a couple of days and marinated in the hope it would turn cold for just a few days...and then it did. Now we're ready! If you're looking out a window onto a snow covered landscape... just know that I'm jealous! 
A couple of Christmas details I've really enjoyed this year is a wood cubby unit that was from a gem shop. It's filled with vintage Christmas miniatures and I play with it a little bit every day.  And I found some metal ribbon. That was a first and I loved using it on  my friends gifts.
Lots of images to share the merriest decorating moments happening around here this Christmas:

"Chiming sweet when the night winds swell, blest is the sound of the Christmas Bells"

Instead of Chalk

And so it begins. The start of the holiday season hustle and bustle. I've installed two homes worth of Christmas in two days and we haven't even carved the Thanksgiving turkey yet.  
And people are camped out in front of Best Buy? For what? 
We're not hosting Thanksgiving so my dining room won't see any action this week. I did create a little Thanksgiving installation just for fun. I get a lot of mileage out of this big chalkboard. If you have one and want to try something that doesn't involve chalk, here's what I put together from our Thanksgiving nature collection using the chalkboard as the background to build on. 

String, twine, wire and a big folding measuring stick were the starting point. 

 A magnifying glass makes it interactive and fun to see leaves and feathers up close. My boys have enjoyed this.

I will forever love a turkey hand. I made these with my boys years ago and we pull them out every year.  They're made out of dried beans. I remember the day we made them together. Special memories like this are what I'm so thankful for. Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving and the opportunity to  make special memories with your special people.

White Table Report

You're not seeing things...it's another dining room post.  Remember this table? It's a good country French reproduction solid wood table I found on Craigslist.  Pretty, curvy, big.  But I wanted white! 

It's been painted Pure White with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, sanded and waxed and now it looks like this:

I also added four Henriksdal  slip covered chairs from Ikea.  They're really comfy and reasonably priced.  I love how Ikea's designs work so well with a vintage cottage look. It has saved me so much money to get the look I want.

If you're looking for something specific from Craigslist, don't forget about the Garage Sale category. I searched for "dining tables" in Garage Sales and this popped up the night before the sale with a phone number.  Sometimes things just work out. Now, if I could just find my car keys....

Quick Change

Just popping in to share some tweaking in the dining room. Here's a design tip that helps me see where I want to go with a space... take pictures of your rooms. It will help you see from a new perspective and might be just what you need to get you over the design hump. I wanted to expand the art without spending money right now, so I brought in the huge chalkboard my husband made for the kids in the old house to layer under the botanical charts. It fills in the wall and helps with scale. Plus, for now, it's just fun.

Last Minute

Two days before Christmas we pulled the dining room together to host a Christmas Eve party for my husband's family.  In our former home I had re-purposed the dining room into an office space, so....no dining room furniture.  And still....no dining room furniture.  I am waiting for the right thing to come along.  And I'm fine with that. However, for a temporary solution we brought the table and new metal chairs from the kitchen, put in all the leaves,  borrowed a pretty vintage linen tablecloth from my mom,  pulled out lots of ironstone and candles, dimmed the lights and had ourselves a great time.