Monday, April 21, 2014

White Slipcovers

An overdue update is happening here.  White slipcovers for my 15 year old sofa's.

My friend, Holly, recently introduced me to Laura Siebert, owner of LS Slipcovers here in Houston. 
After we chatted by phone and text, Laura sent me fabric samples to choose from and we scheduled an in house consultation to discuss the condition of my furniture and the style of slips for my pieces. 
From there, we set up a date for Laura to come cut and pin the slips.  What an exciting day that was last week! That big beautiful pile of white fabric is going to change my life.

Laura, doing her thing. Talented and cute cute cute :)
My sofa's are originally from Storehouse and are well built but have endured 15 years of hard use with first, twin babies and now teenage boys, a dog, and many many movie nights with good food in our laps.  It's no museum here...we live a full, fun life and furniture gets dirty...that's just how it is. But now, I can bleach and wash the slips and it will feel and look clean and new and fresh.

There are exceptions, however in most cases, Laura can do the cutting and pinning in house. She then takes the slip covers to the design house to be sewn and returns to fit them.  Your furniture conveniently stays in your house while they're being sewn. 
Laura's work from pinning to finished product is beautiful. Her website shares all the details of how appointments are handled.

The fabric is a fresh white cotton twill that has the feel of an old soft sheet.  Not stiff at all.  The slipcover will have a waterfall skirt and double top stitch edging.  Simple, modern and unfussy. The sofas had attached back cushions which Laura cut and will recover as separate cushions along with adding feathers to the seat cushions.

I'll be sharing "after' photos when the slips arrive in a couple of weeks. The house will be all set for summer. 


  1. How exciting!! The slips are going to be beautiful!

  2. I've been searching your blog trying to find the paint color you used in this room. It is so beautiful! I didn't have any luck finding it though. I did find all kinds of other wonderful things that I have been pinning. :)

    1. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you Lisa, my wall color in our family is Sherwin Williams Sea Salt #6204. Thank you !!

    2. Oooooh, that is one of the colors I've been thinking of using!! Thank you so much!!

  3. WOW! they are going to be beautiful!!! I love that she makes house calls! now that's customer service! cant wait to see the finished slips :)

  4. Oh I love this idea, how exciting.


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