Sunday, September 23, 2012

Round Top Antique Week Fall Shows 2012

Who's going?    Who's never been?   Who has it on their bucket list?  Who wants more information about what it is and how to best navigate the miles of tents, barns and pastures that make up this wonderful bi-annual event that makes up Round Top/Warrenton/Margurger Farm and the many other shows that are Antique Week?

I get asked about Round Top all the time and even though I've gone to the shows for years, it's almost impossible to describe how big it is and how it works.Wanna know how big it is? Well, I always say it's three weeks big.

 It would be nearly impossible to see it all. New shows and venues are being added every show and it's grown exponentially since it began. Here's the biggest insider secret I can share with's happening right now. No matter what any schedule you are looking at says, if you get in your car right now and head that way you will get to do some shopping. If there's a specific show you like, check the schedules (info below) and plan your trip for that day.

These images are from my trip to Antique Week earlier this year for the spring shows:

GardenAntqs. Now at Marburger Farm

The Show Daily is the shoppers and dealers Bible during Antique Week and can help you plan your trip.

And, don't forget that the latest issue of Souvenir Magazine has an article written by yours truly, with more information and links than you can shake a sausage on a stick at. So you should read that, too, before you go :)


  1. This girl from The Woodlands is going up on the 5th, staying in Waller (no good places left in Brenham) then going back by myself on Saturday. Clean up run. Looking forward to getting in Warrenton as Marburger takes us all day Friday. So ready, wish I didn't work!! Can't wait to see what you score!

  2. I've never been and hope to go. I didn't know that I could go now. That's good to know. Thanks!

  3. Anonymous24/9/12 18:19

    Thank you again for including my booth when I was at Zapp Hall (the pic with the white chair and pitchers). I'll see you now that I'm at Marburger Farm, Theresa (

  4. I would love to get some Christmas shopping done at the show know, "one for you, one for me".

  5. I would say my house is decorated in Warrenton style since that is my favorite of the Round Top experience. Thanks for the great pics since I cant go this fall.

  6. Anonymous11/3/13 09:52

    If you're still trying to find a place to stay you can visit Under their Lodging tab it will display all the area B&Bs on a Google map along with contact info. There may still be vacancy?


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