Friday, September 14, 2012

Chart Art and The $2 Topiary

Last week I mentioned that I picked up a vintage chart for my mantel at a great price. I love how it brings a little warmth to my cool room for fall.

I love topiaries but struggle to keep them alive for very long. I think you must need a greenhouse and be able to rotate them in and out for that to be successful.  Houston Garden Center's are clearing out their stock to make way for Christmas trees, and shrubs are 70% off. I bought some small boxwoods to stand in for the fancy topiaries and they are working out just fine. I even gave one a trim and potted it for my bedroom. 

Not bad for $2.10!


  1. I love it!!! Those whole look is just beautifu, love that wall color.

  2. Your mantel looks so wonderful! Great idea making your own little topiary!

  3. I am a great admirer of your style, so I was very, um...validated to see in your last photograph that you chose the same pillow from Target that also sits in my living room chair.

    But seriously, thank you for writing such a beautiful blog.

  4. Thanks ladies, for your kind words!
    Lauren~ AND they were on clearance when I bought them!!!


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