Thursday, September 29, 2011

Map Chest

I love furniture pieces that look like they could tell a good story.

I fell hard for this reproduction map chest to use for our new media cabinet.  At almost 7 feel long, it holds lots of electronics that are necessary, but not cute. So it's all hidden away down below. When the BS meter is at it's highest, we tell friends it's a sea captains map chest..why not?  It looks like this cabinet could tell a good fish tale to me.

It's actually an import from a local furniture store and it suits my style and the new house perfectly. I was drawn to the industrial farmhouse look it has. We made the move from a big box tv to a small flat screen that wouldn't demand too much attention in the room and this chest is the perfect anchor piece as a media cabinet.

There are only actually 3 drawers, the rest are false fronts for doors that open for storage. 

The new place is certainly taking on a charming personality as we continue to unpack and wade through the never ending stacks of boxes.  We are loving it!  

Here are some closer looks at....the details:

My favorite new lamp. goodwill  $3.99

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The Boardwalk at Santa Cruz, California

Honestly, this is a hard week for my family.  This weekend marks two years since we lost our sweet Rachel, my sister's 19 year old daughter, in a car accident.  Sometimes, we all just want to leave town to get our minds off of how hard it is. To be distracted and let the day pass.

I'm a "let me get my purse" kind of girl.  You want to go somewhere?  I'm in. 

Last summer we went to California for our family vacation.  I gave the boys an old digital camera of mine to shoot with. Just today (over a year later)  I went through the entire file of images and was floored over the things I saw.  The things that they saw at 10 years old.  I love them for paying attention, for noticing. For seeing the beautiful place we were in.

Thank You R-Man for these great vacation memories.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pottery Barn...I'm Just Not That Into You.

Maybe it's not you, Pottery Barn, it's me. You deserve better.  Is it because you're in the suburbs that you think every last piece of furniture in your lobby needs to be draped with 10cent fake flowers?  It's as if we went back 15 years in decorating time and you care more about barfing up the same Halloween crap than inspiring us enough to actually spend our little bit of extra money with you. And I can't wait to see the reindeer plates again at Christmas.  So, Pottery Barn, I'm breaking up with you. And I'm one of the few that held on until the last minute, believing you would get yourself together and be a quick stop for me and clients to pop in and pick up a few special things.

I will be dating your cousin, though.  West Elm is hot!
Turned-Leg Dhurrie Ottoman

This Dhurrie Ottoman has "shapely legs and unlimited potential".

This Carved Wood Coffee Table is "rare, exotic and unusual".

Carved Wood Coffee Table

These Dip Dyed Throws look cuddley and soft.  And the ombre feels a little hip and edgy.

Dip Dye Throw

And Sun Print Dessert Plates.  You know I love a unique artsy fartsy vibe.

Nature Sun Print Dessert Plates

And Adjustable Floating Frames to hold our love letters.

Metal Easel Adjustable Floating Frames

Opal Glass vase collection..."luminous and striking"  it glows in the pretty.
Clear + Opal Glass Vase Collection

For my peeps in the hood, West Elm is worth the drive and their transitional  style will mix in easily with your existing decor and freshen things up a bit.

Here's to a long loving relationship!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Our Happy Place

We did it!

We are moved in and are truly madly deeply in new house love. The house is about 20 years old, 2650 square feet, in a wonderful neighborhood, and we could not be happier.  It really feels like a dream for us, having a pool just a few steps out our backdoor .  We have had family over the last couple of weekends and it feels so good to have a little more space for everyone to spread out a bit.

Moving is haaaaarrd work.  I think I had  forgotten how hard since our last go around.   We still have boxes stacked in every room. I'm steadily chipping away at it and could not be happier or more grateful.

Like most houses 20 years old, this place needs some updating. Mostly paint and carpet upstairs. However, the first order of business was to paint my office.   It was the traditional suburban stained wood paneling with picture moulding.  Fancy, right?

That's a lot of brown!

The interior of the house had recently been painted in soft blues and has a nice coastal vibe which we really love (more interior shots later...).  I love all the beautiful fresh gray rooms I've been seeing, so I took the opportunity to have some fun with gray in my office. Dude's might want to look away...they don't get why anyone would paint over perfectly good wood (my husband was the exception, he trusts me :)

I love it!

Being tired and more than a little impatient to get this done, I broke one of my most rigid design rules and didn't sample the paint color before we started. I walked around the house for a couple of days with my Benjamin Moore paint deck and kept coming back to a color that just felt right, Gray Owl (OC 52).  I had a gut feeling that the color would be good and I was right.  Turns out it's a popular "go to" neutral gray and one that I will be using again. Also, my friends at Benjamin Moore told me this color recipe doesn't break down accurately in quart size, so keep that in mind if you're sampling paint.

My painter sanded the walls to get rid of the 20 year old grimey shine, primed the walls and built-ins and then painted with a satin finish enamel on the walls.  On the built-ins and crown moulding I used Snowfall White (OC 118) in semi-gloss.

Black french doors. If you're considering this,  go for it!  It's beautiful with the gray.  

I love the new color and atmosphere of the room. It has a bit of a French Salon feel.  Don't you love the bang for the buck you get from simply painting?
Also, check out the pretty bamboo clock my parents gifted us with for the entry.
I'm presently unpacking accessories for my office/girl room and filling up the white Liatorp cabinets from Ikea with some of my favorite goodies.
New lighting and window coverings are still to come, but all in good time.
I tend to get a little distracted: