Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Casita

A few miles west of the city of Houston, the master-planned communities with homes built elbow to elbow, Wal-Marts, and fast food joints start to fade away and the landscape changes.  Off the beaten path of the major highway is where my client and her family have chosen to build their forever dream home. 

Their unique process of creating the home and lifestyle of their dreams began with  building The Casita.  A small house that will temporarily serve as home base until "the big house" is completed. Once the big house is done, The Casita will transition into the Guest House/Pool House.  There's still a pool, a baseball field for the boys, gardens and a pond to be finished to complete the new homestead.

So much thought has gone into how to customize The Casita, mostly with an eye to the future and what the space is ultimately intended for.   It's open, bright, warm, spacious, elegant, rustic, fun and a joy to be in. My client, a woman who knows what she loves, designed most of the space herself and called me in for some color consultation and Round 1 of decorating.  Like any new home, furnishing the interior is a process that takes time and thought, however, we are off to a good start.

A mix of Craftsman,  American Farmhouse and a little Texas Hill Country vibe.  The features of this home that make it so beautiful...the beadboard ceilings, the dry-stacked stone fireplace, the big open family room, the stained concrete floors and the millwork and doors that have a distressed finish that feels like butter.

Antique doors, wheels and architectural salvage are perfect for the space and is used in most of the rooms.

The master bathroom for now, changing room/mudroom later.  It. is. fanTAStik!  So much love put into these details.  She hopes to one day bathe her grandchildren in this sink.

Fun details added to mirrors and the built in bench.

Old doorknobs to hang towels on, old key holes make it unique.

An heirloom drawer from a beloved relative's dresser used for organization in the master bath.

Cubbies and storage.  Beautiful and functional. The wall on the left is the guestbook, a place for visitors to write  messages.  These homeowners cherish their friends and have created this space as much for visitors as for themselves.

Warm tones, texture and meaningful accessories.  

A Dutch door off the master bath that will lead to the future pool. A convenient place to hand snacks to the kids or dream about the wonderful family memories that will be made here.  I will share more as we go. Congratulations to Mrs. S on living her dream!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Isn't it Amazing

Wings 2 by Curious Details
Wings 2, a photo by Curious Details on Flickr.
That this big 11 year old boy, baseball pitcher, Black Ops playing, total jock of a kid, still looks like his little 4 year old self....if you look with a mother's eye.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Souvenirs of Summer

Souvenirs of Summer by Curious Details
Souvenirs of Summer, a photo by Curious Details on Flickr.
Beautiful pieces of nature collected on walks.



For my girlfriends in the hood....let's bring this look back down at the neighborhood pool.
It's waaay better than the momsuit.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Check out Matt

He's making awesome succulent patio tables. Click here for the tutorial.


I've been told there are rules for staging one's home to sell.  I've even been the teller of those rules. However, lately, I've been the breaker of those rules.  I did cave and pack up lots and lots of accessories. I do want buyers to see the actual house and not all my stuff.  Looking over some image files I saw these little goodies that were packed up :

A collection of wood printer blocks and a folding metal ruler that I bought recently.  The numbers would make some cool wall art, yes?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

One Crazy Summer

It's official:

We have painted, textured, cleaned, sorted, purged, carpeted, planted, organized and are officially open for business.   I haven't done this house selling thing in several years, and as my oh so smart best friend reminded me's a marathon.
This house is not very big, but sometimes small is under rated. We've lived a pretty big life here. This is not the house that we brought babies home to, but it's the house my little babies became full blown boys in over the last nine years.  They started school here, found their tribe here and we all thrive with the abundance of friendship and support just down the street or around the corner.
I have a strong emotional connection to this little house. Part of it is how we live and part of it is the house itself. There are little nooks and crannies of possibility and light that I have enjoyed living in and decorating with:

One leg of this marathon is keeping the place picked up and ready to show, now that the boys are out for the summer.  Remember these days?  Sleeping really really late and staying in your jammies all day?

We're gonna keep our eye on the prize...a little more space and a pool...buckle up and try to squeeze some good out of this little phase of our summer.

See you at the finish line!