Friday, February 11, 2011


These mirrors are perfection:



This art inspires me in ways I can't even explain.  Here's a short clip. If you would like to see more in an extended video I've linked it below

Aldwyth on Aldwyth:
"What advice would you offer to people who haven't seen your art before, in terms of how they should approach your work?

Just go into any one little place and pick out a story. There are a lot of different stories in there. Look at a small area and see how it relates to the next small area.

I always think about my work as being part of a series or part of a whole. I don't like single pieces by themselves. I like them as a group because I think they inform each other. Then you understand what's really going on."  from Savannah Now interview.
Extended video here

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Online Magazines

Most bloggers are aware of the growing number of online design magazines, however, when talking with friends locally, a lot of them are not aware that they exist. Considering that we may see the miracle of snow here in Houston over the next 24 hours  you might want to curl up on the couch with these inspiring magazines while the city is on lock down . It's best to view them full screen.

 Here are some handy links:

Current issue

High Gloss Magazine

High Gloss is brand spankin' new and I haven't peeked at it yet.  Sadly, so many shelter magazines no longer exist (rip Cottage Living, I will love you forever), but these new online publications are so expertly edited and I enjoy them even if I can't read them during a marathon soak in the tub.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Listed via Craigslist

Do you use Craigslist?
I've picked up some good deals and had good luck selling through Craigslist. I have friends that said it was a nightmare for them...people not showing up...bad checks, etc. I guess it's the luck of the draw, but I'm a fan and the Houston Listings are really good.
I love to window shop the list.
Today, under "Antiques" I put "trunks" in the search bar and found some interesting pieces.

image 2187956453-1

image 2187956453-2
This  trunk would be a great coffee table.  It needs a little furniture wax and it's ready to go.
I love the rollers on the bottom and the iron handles and it's a great price ($259)  for a good old blanket

image 2185332334-0
Greige anyone? Only $35!

image 2175872278-0

Charming and interesting. $98.

image 2171805971-0

A storage trunk with an industrial edge. Only $65.00.

image 2132072993-2

Love the colors on this one.  $125.00

These are just some of the trunks currently listed on Craigslist Houston. Let me know if you end up with one of them!