Saturday, December 8, 2007


Snowglobe collection
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Every morning, at the same time, the light hits my snowglobe collection and the little people living in their magic water worlds seem to come alive.
It's such a simple beautiful thing that I look forward to every morning. This little collection is a favorite for my boys. It sparks their imaginations, their anticipation of Christmas and even becomes scientific as they take notes on which globe's snow falls the slowest, all the while singing Christmas carols.
I love the impact of the globes on the coffee table. Everyone that comes is drawn to them and enjoys them.
So, can you imagine how excited I was to find this vintage Paris snowglobe at GW (that's official thriftstore code my family uses for Goodwill) for .49cents? Magic....everyday.

Friday, December 7, 2007

No Frame? No Problem!

I bought this lovely lady at a shop in Galveston Texas. I love the wistful Juliet expression she has.
I had put her away for a while and recently was ready to bring her out again to use in the powder room. Being the impatient girl I am, I found a quick solution to get her up on the wall asap. No frame?? No problem!!
I rounded up a couple of large ivory buttons, put a small nail through the button hole. Then ran some twine through the button holes to cover the nail heads. That's right, I just nailed it right through the paper. ***Gasp, the horror of damaging the print***. It's ok, she knows I love her holes and all.
I love the Curious Detail of the buttons on the walls.