Monday, June 11, 2007

She Sells Seashells.....

And puts them in her birdbath.....

And covers her coffee table with them.....

And saves every single one she finds on the beach in Florida year after year.....

And grows them in urns...

And holds up books with them.....

And plants things in them.....

And keeps special ones in a beautiful ironstone bowl.....

I realize that this takes decorating with the seasons to the extreme.
The shells are my passion and I display them with no apologies but
much pride to friends who raise their eyebrow at me like I'm the
crazy cat lady.
Here's my question to the eyebrow raisers...
what are YOU passionate about???
Besides, I'm gonna need all these when my next husband buys
me a beach cottage! (just a little joke there sweetie)

Simple Inspiration

It was one of those delicious spring days. The boys were playing outside, I was upstairs starting a project and the Dixie Chicks were playing on the stereo.
I was in the creative zone and didn't want to be interrupted again by a small person needing something, but when I turned around to see the sweetest boy, holding the sweetest little flowers, I stepped over the mess my melting heart was making and found the perfect way to display such sweet little buds
In a Dixie Cup.

No perfect day is complete without a good long walk with your favorite puppy. As Sunny and I crossed the street, there it was. Just waiting for me, lying on the corner. The biggest bird nest I've ever seen or found and I have many.

Isn't is beautiful? Now, look closer....

Beautiful and sad. There was no way to get it back up in the huge oak tree it had fallen from and it couldn't be left on the ground for the roaming bird eating cat that stays hidden in the shrubs.
So I took it home and stared at it for a long long time.
Mother Nature is sometimes, well...a bitch. I could have left the nest on the ground and kids would have shredded it and ants would have eaten the eggs. I thought that at least I could create something beautiful out of it to honor it. Which I did

In our neighborhood there are tons of pinetrees and a bizarre amount of doves that inhabit them. In the spring there are hatched eggs all over the sidewalks and in our yard and I save alot of them because they're beautiful.

This is a shadowbox display I made for my best friend who just moved to live her dream in Chapel Hill, NC. After 25 years of friendship, our most beloved gifts to each other are those made by hand. You can see her phenomenal photography at .

I was terrified to hand this over to her because she was about to drive her life across the country with a van filled with 3 kids and a dog, so it had to be packed very carefully and creatively. Here's a peek...
It's hard to explain how I felt putting this together for her. I almost became obsessed with adding details and layers to it. I think I was working out some sadness over her leaving and I couldn't stop "making" it.
I filled a moving box with raffia and paper shreds. Tucked in feathers and quotes about adventure. The shadow box made the trip and so did my friend.
"Adventure is worthwhile".
Amelia Earhart

Garage Sale Gloat

I love bragging and boasting about my garage sale deals to my friends. My blog friends will be no exception. This porcelain top dental table is a recent find. I love it for a few reasons.
First, it was $5.00.
Second, it's yellow.
Third, I didn't even have get up early to find it. It was just sitting there at the ungodly garage sale hour of 11:00 am in the driveway of a retiring dentist whose wife had had enough of the sale and was practically giving stuff away.
The bottom tray was missing so I popped in a square ironstone tray.
Did I mention it was $5.00???

Color Wheel

I've had this small round paint tray for about a hundred years and I don't think I've ever really done more than rinse it off after I've used it. I'm glad I never took the time to really clean it properly because when I pull it out to use it on little crafts it literally reminds me of different times in my life. Like my gold phase. Aaaah yes, you remember it don't you because you did it too! Let's join hands and travel back to the early 90's when gold was IT! I remember one magical day when I realized I could spray paint entire books GOLD for that special "Mr. T" look the living room was missing. Pinecones and acorns were also fabulous in their not so natural gold state. This went hand in hand with my cherub phase and my "lets wallpaper every freaking room in my house" phase.There's all kinds of mistakes we make in our decorating choices, but if you're choosing things you love, even in a moment of blind stupid love, it's ok. At least you've been passionate about something.